Learn, what is the significance of Lakshmi Mata’s Autobiography of Owl

Owl is considered to be the carrier of Lakshmi, but still it is considered auspicious somewhere unlucky. Many beliefs about owls are prevalent in our society and religion. Know five such beliefs, which are still believed –

1. Though it is not so common or easy, but it is said that your eyes meet with owls, who understand that you are getting rich wealth.

2. Owl also believes in the disease that if the owl gets out of touch with a patient or it flows from above, then serious disease can also be cured.

3. Look at the right side of the owl is always inauspicious, so whenever the sound of the owl is heard, it is considered abusive. But looking at the left side of the owl is auspicious.

4. If the owl sits on the roof of a house or sits on the roof, then it points to the death of a member of the house.

5. If the owl appears in the east direction or if its voice is heard in the morning, then it is believed that sudden wealth can be attained.

Owl Mechanisms Tactical Experiment-

Owl Vasishikaran Tantra Siddhi Tantric Experiment In Hindu religion, the second holy bird is considered owl, but some people are afraid of owls due to their wrong encroach but it is wrong because Mata is the vehicle of Lakshmi and if we disrespect the Owl This means we are insulting mother Lakshmi. Owls in Hindu religion are considered symbols of prosperity and wealth. People are afraid of owls that they look scary. Some people make limits when they address their own close friend as a fool because they look like owls. But in reality this is wrong.


The importance of owl is very much in the system wiseness. According to technology, the discretion of the owl and the beneficial results that can be avoided can not be denied. There are many mischief powers hidden in it. The Greeks regard the owl as a symbol of good fortune, riches and prosperity from ancient times. While the entire Europe Owl is considered as the main organ of dark magic. If the owl symbolizes good luck and security in Chinese Feng Shui, Owl protects him in the trouble of the Japanese, and if this is the case in India, then this mode is very popular here. It has many miraculous accurate tactical powers. It is believed that due to the owl’s gestures, dialect and flight, the incidence of ghost, future and present can be traced. According to Astrology, Owloo is the vehicle of Lakshmi, which is the head of Venus, while Oulu represents the house of Rahu and its house in the horoscope is the sixth place. Although it is considered to be the best in the third, sixth and eighth house. Therefore, the importance of the owl remains in the life of man, which is seen from the point of view of the future indicator.

Following the vesting trips through the owl is: –

1) In the measures taken for captivity, the owl’s feathers are thrown with a rabbit and putting on the body results in accurate results. After its extraordinary owl, its dry meat is fed, then it becomes very distracted and its peace dissolves.

In the mechanism of owl, its organs are used in many ways for Tantric meditation. Owl nails, feathers, paws, beak mechanisms are brought into the work of siddhi. It is worshiped during the MahaShishif period.

By placing a wing of owl bird in front of him, it is said that after repeatedly chanting the “Bhalikan foreign bursts” chant, the house gets thrown into the house.

The following are the tricks of owl cessation: –

1) It is a good result for applying a picture of the owl and for worshiping Diwali in the evening.

2) Keeping a picture of the owl at the place where the money is stored is a simple trick, and it creates opportunities for economic benefits at home.

3) Owing to the bird system, the owl is indicative of wealth. Wherever the treasure is kept hidden or stuck, the owls are found there.

By following some measures of Owl system on Deepawali, you can remove obstacles in your work. The proven measures of the Owl system are: –

If there is any obstacle in the house, then in the night of Deepawali, chant the following chanting Owl with a lizard or owl in front of the statue of Mother Lakshmi 1000 times with a red sandal. This will remove every kind of obstacle.

mantra :-

“Namo Kaalatriya Sarvashbhaadhaa, done,

Look, I’m fleeing kuru kuru hoon bur saahwa “.

2) First of all, after retiring from the bathhouse, after taking a seat of a wool on a clean place, sitting on his own, and sitting in front of him, then put Lakshmi’s picture in front of the owl. As far as possible to chant the following mantra by taking the beads of conch or conchalts, the benefits will definitely be found.

mantra :-

“Namo Ullukwahini Vishnu Priya Bhagwati Lakshmi Dae

Mum unfortunate destructive destiny – growth kuru – kuru

Shraddha shrera shrew fata sacha. ”

According to the system of science, some things related to owls are as follows: –

1) If the owl is seen in the dream, then it is considered auspicious. And if the owl appears to go away in the dream, then it indicates the fire in the house, theft, the loss in the trade.

According to astrology and technology in Hindu religion, the recognition of the Shagun Upshagun has been going on for centuries. Some of the odds associated with the owl are: –

1) If a person traveling in the night owl could get the voice of home – home then he would be happy

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