Priyanka Gandhi came in the action, seven political parties wandered from across the sea.

Congress’s newly-appointed general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has made big strides from the seven ocean crosses. According to sources, Priyanka has called a dozen leaders of Congress from Uttar Pradesh and sought his blessings, support and guidance from the US. Please tell that Priyanka is in the US for her daughter’s treatment these days. It is interesting that these dozen leaders are either politically marginalized or are in the last days of age and are isolated in the party.

The special thing is that some of them do not even belong to any party in today’s era. Priyanka has tried to show her political superiority by calling them up and also has the ability to connect more and more people. Priyanka also knows that by enthusiasm in the first workers and leaders she can make a strong grip among the public. That’s why Priyanka has made her first bet on her political career even before returning to the country.

Party leaders expect Priyanka from

In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress leader had said to Priyanka Gandhi, she is coming and going to get away. Party leaders see Priyanka Gandhi’s former prime minister and her grandmother Indira Gandhi’s ax. Congress President Rahul Gandhi took his sister Priyanka into active politics and made a big deal before the Lok Sabha elections. He gave Priyanka the charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka’s come to Uttar Pradesh politics is like any Sanjivani for the workers, but her magic will run or not, the people of the state will tell it.

Trying to put Congress in UP

In fact, the Congress became increasingly weak in UP. Since 1989, he is out of state power. In such a scenario, Gorakhpur, the prime minister of Varanasi and the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of the Prime Minister, is also in the same Eastern UP, whose election responsibility is cast by Priyanka on the shoulders of Rahul.

In such a situation, Priyanka is in the process of giving a strong challenge by joining the new generation of leaders who have seen the Golden Age of Congress in UP along with the new generation. Through this, Priyanka wants to shoot two targets with one arrow. One can take advantage of the experience of the old leaders and the other can bring the Golden Age of Congress alive among the new generation.

Well, the bet is going on behind the scenes Priyanka’s real challenge will be on the political surface, where she will know that her bets are arrows or just a pic.

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