Prosperity from Lord Ganesha’s worship

Lord Ganesha is the god of intellect and tact. Their worship is very intense knowledge and wisdom. Bada Buddha and Vivek are required to earn money which gets easily by the grace of Ganesh. Apart from this, if there is any obstruction related to money, that too ends with their kindness. The person who used to worship God Ganesha can never be deprived of wealth. Let’s know how Lord Ganesha’s worship will get wealth.

– 27 flowers of red roses on Wednesday morning, offering Lord Ganesha while pronouncing Gan Mantra.

2. How can you find Ganesh ji if money does not come?

– Set the green statue of Ganesh Ji towards north direction

– Offer 11 green leaves to Dhanu Ganesh Ji

After this, sit Namo Bhagwat Gajanayi 108 times chanting on the red seat.

-Make this remedy for 11 consecutive days

Every morning, morning and evening, offer a beard of yellow color to God Ganapati, and divide it into the children.

3. What is to be done if money is spent but now

– Set a yellow statue of Ganesh Ji on the east side

-Roly molly rice, worship with lamps and offer green devour

– Gradually get yellow maddock (laddus)

– Harmambay Namah Mantra chanting 108 times with red sandalwood

Continue this measure for 27 days continuously

4. If all your money is feeling sick

– Establish Lord Ganesha in red

– Offer 11 red flowers to Ganesh ji daily

– After this, please recite 108 times from the Raktaksha wick of the Vakrantundayu mantra

– Take this remedy for 27 consecutive days

– By doing this, your money will stop you from spending on diseases

5. If you want to increase the wealth of your business or job, then take measures …

– Set up Lakshmi ji with Ganesh ji

– Offer perfume of rose to Ganesh ji and Lakshmi ji

– After that Gan Ganpatay Namah Mantra chant 108 times

– Do this on every Friday and do it continuously.

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