These measures will be done on Shitali Ekadashi, the success will be

The Ekadashi of the Krishna Pakhi Ekadashi Magh Month is called Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on this day. Black mole on this Ekadashi
Donation has special significance. Massage of sesame oil on the body, bathing in water by squeezing it, specializing on this day of sesame snack and sesame dishes. On this day, the mole is made havan by night and awakens night.


Whereas physical purification and health are attained by fasting of Shitali Ekadashi, donations of food, sesame etc. also increase the amount of money in grains. On this day the person who donates a donation, after giving up the body, gets the same result. That is why donations should be accompanied by religious activities as well. In the scriptures it is said that no religious work of donation etc. is not considered complete. And on this day it is said that the donation of sesame is even more auspicious. That is why donating sesame must be done right on this day, but surely it should be done.

Those who go to office, these measures- bathing Lord Vishnu by mixing sesame in “Panchamrut” gives a lot of benefit. On this Ekadashi, the mole should be mixed with substances, and also the Brahmins should be fed.

Measures for students- On this day donate sesame seeds to poor people.

Use of sesame:

On this day sesame is used in six ways, hence it is called “Shitali Ekadashi”. According to this, those who donate sesame seeds, reside in paradise for the same millennium. Sesame is used in six ways in the following ways:

1. Mole Bath

2. Sesame Urea

3. Tilodak

4. Hole of sesame

5. Mole meal

6. Mole donation

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