To make a fortune, these roti measures

Roti, cloth and house are the first 3 of the human being needed. Some of the rituals we get in the books are put in wonder. Let’s know some of the tricks that can change our destiny too.

1. After roasting the first bread in the kitchen of the house, apply pure ghee in it and make four pieces and keep kheer or sugar or jaggery in four pieces. Give one of these to the cow, the other to the dog, the third to the crow, and the fourth to a beggar. Under this measure, feeding the bread will remove the pestilence, feeding the dog to the roti will remove the hostile, feeding the roti to the crow, remove the pestilence and kalsarpa defect, and the final bread chunks feeding the poor or the hungry with the food Pain will turn away and bad deeds will start to grow.

2. If Saturn is suffering in your life or there are obstacles of Rahu-Ketu, then this remedy of Roti can prove to be a panacea for you. To remove the inauspiciousness of all these planets, apply the mustard oil to the last roti prepared at night and give the black dog to eat. If the black dog is not available then feeding any dog ​​can do this remedy.

3. The guest here has been treated like a god, then he is rich or a common man. If any poor or beggar comes to the door of your house, you must make as many food as possible. Feed the bread in the food or serve with hand.

4. If you are not looking for success in spite of all efforts, then this recipe of bread can prove to be boon for you. Put the bread and sugar together to eat the little pieces of the ants near their bills. With this measure, your obstacles will gradually take away.

5. If the peace of your home has been noticed and if the fight continues in the daytime, then you must definitely take the miraculous solution to the bread. In the afternoon when you take the first bread in your kitchen, take it out for the cow and for the last roti dog. And try to feed her cow and dog before meals. If this is not possible then feed him later.

6. If the career is interrupted, the job is not available, then this remedy is for you. Take the third number of bread from the bottom of the bowl, dip your middle fingers and index finger together in the bowl of oil, then drag the line together with both fingers on that bread. Now put this bread on two dogs without saying anything. If this measure is done on Thursday or Sunday, then every obstacle to career will be overcome.

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