Use 6 kinds of sesame, mildew bad luck

In every action of Sanatan religion, no work is accomplished without sesame. Sesame is very dear to Vishnu, therefore the use of sesame is necessary in their worship. Sesame is also of great significance in astrology; Increasing the incidence of Sun in the calculation of time is measured in the form of sesame. So let’s know how to overcome the use of sesame in six ways how to overcome misfortune and how good luck will be.

* Magh Krishna Gyaras will be celebrated as Shitala Ekadashi, this day there is a law to use sesame in six ways. This is why it is called Shatila.

* According to Shastri Manusmriti, use of white sesame in black sesame and Lakshmi karma in the sixteen karmas quickly results in economic benefits.

* By mixing white sesame in the cow’s ghee, laxmi or shri sukta havan is pleased by Mata Lakshmi very soon.

* In Manusmriti, sesame is said to be a poverty killer and Ayurveda has termed sesame as a disease disorder.

* Mole provides strength and strength by removing vata, pitta and cough disorders.

* As much as sesame is used by the person’s hand on Shitali Ekadashi, the future becomes as bright as it is.

* It is important to take bath with black sesame in the water this day, this drug bath will remove the disease.

* On this day, by crushing the mole on her body, the beauty gets reflected in beauty and the person gets beautiful.

* On this day, Tilodak does this by mixing sesame in Panchamrath and bathing Lord Vishnu, which leads to misfortune.

* On this day, Lord Vishnu’s hymn is lit from black sesame, causing all financial problems to be dispelled.

* On this day, Lord Vishnu’s idol made from Til Gud is consumed in the form of offerings by applying the sweet dish, which reduces the lack of food grains from home.

* On this day, Lord Vishnu is donated by donating black sesame seeds and giving away his poverty.

Do satsa according to the amount of special remedies by removing misfortune.

Aries: Offer a handful of black sesame heads 11 times on a walnut peepal tree. – Unfortunately, it will end.

Taurus: Enjoy the til-urad khichdi on Lord Vishnu – all the desires will be fulfilled.

Gemini: Offer ravens made of sesame good in Vishnu temple. – The obstacles will be far away.

Cancer: Mix sesame in milk and anoint Lord Vishnu. – Greatness will be attained.

Lion: donate black sesame seeds and coconuts to the poor women on Lord Vishnu. Diseases will be redressed.

Virgo: Feed a poor child by putting sesame oil on the bread. – Love will get bitterness from love life.

Libra: Incense to God by burning black sesame from the curfew in the temple. – You will get rid of Homeclass.

Scorpio: To whom poor black mole went to Vishnu? – The crisis will be prevented.

Sagittarius: Eat black sesame seeds on Lord Vishnu and eat honey with honey. – Saturn defects will decrease.

Capricorn: Feed the dough and black sesame bread black dog. – Troubleshoot the eye bugs.

Aquarius: Burn eleven lit lamps of sesame oil under the slip of Lord Vishnu. – The financial crisis will be far away.

Pisces: Put the mole on the Vishnu in a yellow cloth and keep it in the kitchen. – Wealth will increase.

Money Mantra

In the black sesame and a coin in Anjali, after reading the “Lakshmipatye Namah” mantra, throw coins and sesame in water.

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