With Mercury-Ketu, get rid of skin problems.

Mercury is considered to be the master of wisdom and Ketu as the lord of salvation. But when they come together, many skin problems are given. In the scriptures, Durga is said to be the master of Mercury and the lord of Ketus. So let us know how Mercury Ketu produces with skin problems and what special remedy we can get rid of.

* According to astrology, Mercury is said to be the body’s skin factor.

* Mercury will be as good as in the horoscope, the person’s skin will remain as glowing, shining and healthy.

* In astrology, Mercury is considered to be the owner of the sixth house and the flow of diseases.

* Inauspicious and poor Mercury in the horoscope gives rise to skin allergies in a variety of ways.

* According to astrology, Ketu considers the planet as a shadow falling on the earth, which has a lot of impact in our lives.

* In the astrology, the Ketu planet is considered to be the twelfth planet and the marriage is considered to be the planet to harm the body.

* Ketu has been called microscopic in astrology and Ketu is also the god of micro-organisms.

* Inauspicious, inauspicious keto produces skin disorder by stopping the planet’s life flow.

* Mercury Ketu’s meeting gives an inauspicious result, the person’s skin becomes kind of allergic.

Inauspicious in the horoscope, the planet Mercury allergy to chemicals and Ketu produces allergies due to bacteria.

* If in the horoscope there is a war or connection between Mercury Ketu, then the cutting of a worm causes skin skin disorder.

* If there is a war or connection between Mercury Ketu in the horoscope, then there is a problem like shingles, itching, aggema, black spots, freckles.

Do this in accordance with the amount, with these solutions and skin problems and get rid of unfortunately.

Aries: Use alum on Goddess Durga. Get rid of enemies.

Taurus: Offer pistachios to Goddess Durga and donate to a girl. – Money will be saved.

Gemini: Embark on the main gate of the house by raising peepal leaves on Goddess Durga. – Family Disputes will solve.

Cancer: Place the whole green moong on the Goddess Durga and keep it for the birds. – Get rid of financial loss.

Lion: Put a money plant on goddess Durga and keep it in purse. – Earnings will increase.

Virgo: Devise a donation of 5 rupees to Goddess Durga and donate it to an old beggar. – Promotion in service will be available.

Libra: Offer 4 whole betel to Goddess Durga. – Unfortunately, you will get rid of it.

Scorpio: Place a little henna on the Goddess Durga in the soles of the feet. – Accidents will be defended.

Sagittarius: Give a sweet smile to the Goddess Durga. – Dissipation running in the marriage will end.

Capricorn: Warkar goddess Durga climbs from a cardamom head. – Mental strokes will end.

Aquarius: Put a sweet pan on the Goddess Durga and place it under a tree. – Access to education will be available.

Pisces: Burn the curtains on the image of Goddess Durga in the shrine to burn. – There will be profits in the business.

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